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Write An Essay Really Quickly

Usually students spend at least one day on writing an essay. But does it require so much time and efforts? These tips will help you to save your time and write articles or other academic assignments faster.

  1. Manage your time wisely. If you feel that you cannot control time yourself there plenty of online time management tools which will assist you. For example, Toggle application will measure the time you spend on a specific project. Thus, you can track your time and save it. You can also use online planners which will remind you on what you have to do during a day that you do not procrastinate and focus on a specific assignment or project.
  2. The easiest and fastest way to write an essay is to find an academic paper or a book which answer your main question. If you are lucky and such papers exist, you can simply rewrite and paraphrase the content adding some new arguments and ideas from yourself. However, be careful with such tactics. If you do not paraphrase carefully your work may contain plagiarism. Majority of educational institutions are strict about finding a plagiarism in students` work. In some cases, it may entail expulsion. Therefore, if you feel like you can the paper yourself do not turn to rewriting strategies or you can order research paper from custom writing services to get 100% original paper.
  3. Citations could also facilitate your work. You can use long citations and phrases said by other scholars, policy makers or people of your focus. You can also comment on their citations in more than one sentence. Such tactics will help you to achieve a necessary amount of words quickly. Nevertheless, it is recommended in majority of Universities and colleges to paraphrase citations and do not simply copy them. Make sure that your educational institution is fine with using many citations in an academic work.
  4. A good, simple and logical structure will facilitate your work as well. Start with an introduction where you can explain the aim of your paper, introduce main questions you want to answer and provide the importance of researching the particular topic. Divide your main part into paragraphs as well, use such words as ‘firstly’, ‘secondly’, ‘thirdly’. If you are doing a comparison make sure that you dedicate the equal amount of attentions to all variables. Provide a short conclusion at the end of each paragraph in order to make your thoughts and arguments more logical and organized. A final conclusion should summarize all the above mentioned information and reflect your main ideas. Do not build a one long sentence. It is recommended to divide a conclusion into sections which are connected. At the end provide a list of sources and literature you used for your research.
  5. A discussion with a professor and an expert on your topic may facilitate your work dramatically. If you do not feel like going to the library and looking for books which may be outdated talk to people who are interested in your topic and ask them for a piece of advice. Sometimes professors are happy to help in such a way and contribute to your studying process.
  6. If you found a good printed material and has no equivalent in the internet do not copy it manually. You can scan the book or an academic paper and then use some software which can convert your files into word or pdf. Technologies save a lot of time, make sure that you know their opportunities and how to use them
Do not be too precise when writing an essay, you can use many adjectives and general phrases or citations in order to achieve a necessary word count faster.