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Constructing a 4 page essay outline on Daoism

Daoism, or how it is sometimes spelled Taoism, is a Chinese religion that centers on studies of Dao. Dao, which can be translated as "the way", is the core of this religion and people who preach it live a balanced, healthy life and believe that pure life leads to i mortality. Writing a very thorough essay outline is very important if your theme is Daoism, because you are handling a very delicate and complex subject - as any religion is.

  1. Literature
    If you need to make a four page essay outline on the subject of Daoism, you will need to consult lots of relevant literature that will help you. Ask your professor to give you some great reading material, but also try to find paper, articles or books that could help. Write down all the relevant ideas that you have while you read the literature on Daoism, and that will be a great starting point for your essay outline. Many articles contain at least one useful link, which can lead you to new interesting information about the subject of your studies.
  2. Goals
    While you are writing your essay outline, you need to know what the main question that troubles you is and what will be the answer to that question. Though it seems that a four-page essay should contain answers to more than one question, Daoism is very complicated and you will probably even exceed the four-page limit once you start to explain all the aspects of such a complicated religion. Write down your outline as if you are trying to explain what Daoism is to your friend, or someone who has never heard of this religion, and you will probably have the body of your essay in no time.
  3. Structure
    When you need to write such a long essay on a very complex matter such as Daoism, you need to structure your work perfectly. There is no room for redundant sentences and too many unnecessary details. However, there is no accurate answer on how to write a four-page essay, having great structure, using relevant literature and setting your goals before you start the writing will help you immensely.