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A List of Top-Notch Problem Solution Essay Topics About War Crimes

Finding great problem solution essay topics regarding transitional justice and war crimes can be very difficult because it is a very specific field of political science that has not been investigated much in the past. If you choose to write about war crimes, you will need a great topic where you can present a serious problem, and propose one or many solutions that could be implemented.

If you are wondering how to write a good problem solution essay on war crimes, the most simple way is to find a great topic and literature that will answers all your question. You can always look for some inspiration, so find here some examples that may break that writers block you have. The writing will be easy if you inform yourself a lot about the topic you are studying, read a lot of relevant articles, and consult some experts known in that field.

  1. Need for specialized justice mechanism for war crimes – the Nuremberg Tribunal case study.
  2. The question of guilt in non democratic systems and implementation of transitional justice.
  3. Justice system and the (in)ability of punishment for war crimes.
  4. Examples of successful defenses, that lead to acquitting for war crimes.
  5. War crimes in modern history and the failure of justice system in protecting the victims.
  6. The importance of witnesses in war crimes cases.
  7. War crimes that shocked the world and the consequences of mild punishments.
  8. Importance of international cooperation in war crimes cases.
  9. Problem of preemptive war and war crimes - when is violence becoming an act of mercy.
  10. Great examples of well elaborated and seamlessly presented defenses of war crime suspects that were later acquitted.

Problem and solution essay topics are not hard to find, but the topic of war crimes can be very sensitive, so you have to be extra careful. When you are looking for some great inspiration, visit only the web pages that you trust and know are relevant in that field. You may need some time to find the perfect topic for your essay, but it is essential if you want a good grade and the respect of your professors.