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Free guide to composing a strong essay about the American dream

Analyzing literary masterpiece "The Great Gatsby", a book written by Scot Fitzgerald, is the easiest and most effective way to write a great essay about the American dream. The book itself is really interesting and easy to read, but the best thing is that you have various movie adaptation if you do not feel like reading it. Key to composing a great essay about the American dream is to compare the story line to modern times, and find out why is the pursue for happiness a leitmotiv that is ever popular in literature and art.

  1. Modern dream
    The pursue for happiness is old as mankind, but the American dream is a concept that people usually connect to early 20th century. Those were the times when you could dream about starting from nothing and building an empire thanks to your devotion and hard work - and that is the main leitmotiv of "The Great Gatsby". In order to create a great American dream argument essay you need to compare how does that dream of success live on in modern times, and do millennials actually have same goals as some of Fitzgerald characters had.
  2. The characters
    Fitzgerald's characters are all very different, and they come from various social background, but they all have something in common - and that is what makes them stick together. Think separately about each of the characters and try to understand what is their vision of the American dream. In order to understand them even better, compare them to people you know that have similar dreams or come from same social background. All the characters are desperate in their pursue of the American dream, and you will notice that most of them are pretty unhappy though some might say they have everything they want.
  3. Examples
    You already have a plan what will be the main idea in your Gatsby's American dream essay, but still have doubts how you're supposed to structure the paper - now just find some great examples. You can find great number of finished papers or some great examples that can help you immensely, or just visit student's forums where you can find some samples from other students. Looking at some great examples is not considered cheating, because you just need some help with the inspiration or you are not sure where to start. You can also find some great topics, if you are still not sure what should be the focal point of your paper. Many great topics center around the American dream and pose some interesting question that are not commonly addressed. You may find some inspiration for your essay, but also some useful instruction on how to make a great essay without paying professional to write one for you.