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How To Write An Essay Introduction About Selfishness?


The main goal of an introduction is to serve as the outline of the written discourse. Take in mind that it is crucial to outline to your audience the main points and argument that you wish to develop in your paper. Typically, this starts with an orientation in that it comes in a concise general statement which then leads the audience into the subject demonstrating how the particular topic links to field or bigger issues. Essentially, this is followed by the thesis statement wherein it acts your precise response to the question, then a structure of the argument that is presented in your paper.

How to write a good introduction for an essay? How can you get started?

  • It is required to come up with an attention-grabbing introduction because first impressions are critical. Readers will only be interested to read your paper if it catches their interest. They won’t proceed once your introduction did not fascinate them. In a nutshell, without a good introduction, your paper won’t stand out. See to it to construct captivating opening line.
  • Clearly introduce your topic. When writing an introduction for essay, carefully consider what your audience needs to learn in order to have deeper grasp on the focus of your written discourse. Mull over how broad or narrow your introduction should be and what shall you write in the opening paragraph to aid your audience comprehend what you are writing about.
  • Construct a focused and clear thesis statement. This serves as a mini outline of the essay. The thesis statement has to clearly state to the readers what your written discourse is about and must be capable of providing your viewpoint on the subject. Bear in mind that without a solid and strong thesis, your introduction will more likely fall apart.

These guides are effective means on how to write an essay introduction. If you need more tips and suggestions, we recommend you additional reading.


Take into consideration that your essay introduction must be able to hook your target readers with a captivating opening line; a concise introduction of the subject and of course must ensure a focused and solid thesis that will allow readers know what the whole essay is all about.