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Expert's Guide To Composing A Top-Quality Essay For High School

An essay is just an interesting piece of work written in the form of a story. By now am sure you are quite familiar with storytelling and so this should not cause any trouble. The continous flow of ideas makes your work interesting to read. Project your writing expertise by following the simple guidelines below.

Write a Story

As already mentioned above, an essay is just a story and so most storytelling rules must come in to play here. There must be a continuity in the flow of ideas that enables you to tag the reader along from beginning to the end. Make sure you don’t lose the reader mid-way by not blending your work well. Use appropriate conjunctions.

Research Well

Once you have your topic of interest from your teacher or after choosing it yourself, research thoroughly to get enough materials. For you to maintain a continous flow of thoughts and ideas, you need to have them already. If you don’t have enough to write about, you might find yourself repeating ideas or getting disconnected. Remember your aim is to keep the reader, who could be your teacher, interested all through. If you lose them along the way then too bad for you.

Ensure Tense Consistency

In the same spirit of story telling, avoid mixing up tenses in your essay. If you choose to use past tense, keep it at that. This cannot be overemphasized.

Avoid Direct Quoting

If you must use another person’s ideas to spice up your story, make sure you paraphrase the words. As much as possible, make your work as original as you can by embracing pure narration.

Answer the Question, How?

Most writers will answer the questions what and why but since you want to be the best, then also seek to answer the question how. Before you conclude your writing, give your reader the way forward on the subject of discussion. This way you will not leave them trying to figure out things you should have said.

Coming up with a top-quality essay does not need rocket science. It’s just a matter of being creative and original in your writing. Own up your story and amuse the reader with a captivating flow of ideas. Right from your introduction, through the body up to the conclusion, observe proper articulation.