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Top-Class 5th Grade Essay Topics to Check Out

At the 5th grade, a child is exposed to the basic process of writing essays with basic research and information gathering, writing, and revision. A fifth grader is also expected to respond and evaluate others’ and their own work. Compared to older kids, 5th graders might find it difficult to find interesting persuasive essay topics. Here are some pointers from writing agency for you to find resources for them as well as some top notch ideas for them to work on.

  • Publications appropriate to their age
    Going through books, magazines and other study materials for 5th graders will definitely provide you with ideas about essay topics appropriate for them. It is advisable to talk about a number of topics to the child and then find out.
  • Online databases
    Plenty of websites offer detailed lists of essay topics for students of different age and streams. Going through them can often provide you with some interesting ideas.
  • Interacting with the child’s friends
    Interacting and observing your child’s peer group might be very rewarding. You will be able to notice the manner and the topics on which he interacts with his friends. You might come up with some very interesting ideas.

Sample topics for 5th grade essay writing

  1. Which animal should we have as a pet?
  2. Adults really know better for us – what do you think?
  3. Should animals be kept in Zoos?
  4. If you were 10 years older, what you would do?
  5. If you were going to the moon and can take only one person with you, then whom would you choose.
  6. Do you think you should have a smart phone and why?
  7. Should schools have uniforms?
  8. Which is your favorite season and why do you think it is the best?
  9. How eating vegetables daily is healthy?
  10. How can you stop having fast/junk foods?
  11. Which is healthier – milk or cheese?
  12. Should we be rewarded after every good job?
  13. Which superhero you would like to be and why?
  14. If you find a lion on your lawn, should you keep it as a pet or give it to the zoo?
  15. If you find a 10-dollar bill which you don’t require, what would you do with it?

There can be endless options of essay topics for 5th grade essay writing. It is important to give the child a topic he is interested in to help him write a better essay.