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Personal experience essay writing instructions

Writing a great personal experience essay sounds like an easy task, but can prove to be very tricky if you are not used to publicly sharing your experiences. Choosing a great topic that can "speak" to great variety of people, creating a great introduction and maintaining a fresh and intimate relationship with your readers are very important if you want your essay to be a success. Many things have to be considered, but the most important issue is to write about something that has influenced or changed your life irreversibly.

  • Choose a topic
    Allow yourself to think long and hard about the experience that is relevant enough for you to write an essay about it. It is the most important step, because choosing a topic that you don't feel passionate about, or just to please your professor will backfire, and you will have issues with completing your paper. Find a memory or experience that has influenced you and changed the way you think so profoundly that you believe that you are a completely different person thanks to that experience. If you have any issues with inspiration, you can always fins some personal experience essay topics that can help you or make you remember what you want to write about.
  • Structure
    Creating a impressive introduction when writing an essay on personal experience is very important, if not the most important part of your work. You have to start with personal, open minded and fresh introduction that will make your readers want more, and interest them in what you need to say. Go straight to the point, start from the core of your memory, from the most important part of your experience, and that elaborate in the body of your essay chronologically how you found yourself in such situation, and how you death with the consequences. Save some memorable quotes for the conclusion, because the ending part of your essay is just as important as the beginning.
  • Honesty
    You have to be very personal and honest if you want to write a good essay about your experience, which means you will have to write from first person perspective. When you are writing about something so intimate as personal experience, the reader will notice if you not being completely honest and open about your experience. Also, never try to fool your audience about the experience you had - always choose something that really happened to you. You might feel like your experiences are not interesting or notable enough to dedicate an essay to them, but there are many people that will emphasize with whatever you have been trough - no matter how banal it might seem to you. So maintain an open and honest style of writing, and you will win over the sympathy of your professors.