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Creating a gender inequality essay introduction

Gender inequality is a subject that many students like to write about, because there is a lot of literature and debate in the public about those issues. That can help you with finding the information about your topic, but you will have the problem with the originality of you work - because it is very likely that many have written about the same thing many times over before you. According to, if you manage to write a great introduction to your gender inequality essay, you can interest your readers enough - even if the topic itself is not original per se.

  • Be bold
    If you want to pack a punch in your gender roles essay, start with a information or idea that will shock your readers. It doesn't matter if they will love the idea or not, the important thing is to suggest an idea that has not been heard a lot before. Make a bold contradiction, even if you know that you will not be able to support it. Start the essay in a matter you would have a debate with your friends - not afraid to ask "stupid" questions, and confident if what you stand for.
  • Know your topic
    Terminology is very important if you want to show your professors that you seriously studied for your gender equality essay. From the very beginning of your essay show that you have learned a lot of new terms, and try to use them effortlessly in sentences. If you don't understand something completely don't talk about it, mention only the thing you have studied profoundly. Reading some articles or essays that have the similar topic as your paper can help you think of some great opening lines for your introduction. Use short and effective sentences that don't have much personal opinion, only facts and interesting information that you found while researching the topic.
  • Write from experience
    Try to think about some personal issues that you had, that can easily be connected to gender inequality, and don't be shy to talk about them. everybody loves personal experience, and that way you can connect to your reader on a intimate level that will make you like your essay introduction even more.